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Children’s Wellbeing Cards

Price: $25

The Children’s Wellbeing cards are designed with the intention of lovingly supporting children to affirm each of their important needs. Each card addresses a dimension of one of the 7 foundational needs of being human in a way that resonates with children and the child within all of us.

There are 28 cards (four for each of the seven needs) as well as a guidebook that has a reading of each card. The cards assist both adults and children to become more aware of their needs and offer a way to encourage and affirm these needs in a simple way.

Using positive affirmations with children is central to their wellbeing.   We are aware to a degree that If a child has a negative perspective of themselves and the world,  they are more likely to experience many challenges as a result.  Children who are exposed to more positive affirmations about themselves, others and the world have increased wellbeing.

Sometimes it is not easy to affirm all of your child’s needs and it is much better for children to be supported to learn how to be self affirming.   The child’s inner self-talk can often be negative, especially in regard to their own capacities and competencies.


Children’s Wellbeing Chart

Price: $25

The Children’s Wellbeing Chart assists parents to easily identify the unmet needs beneath their children’s symptoms behaviours and issues.   The chart outlines the 7 foundational needs of children as well as the imbalances that most commonly occur when these needs are not met.

There are also techniques and tips listed on the chart that offer solutions to help your children rebalance and return to a state of wellbeing

Poster size  490 x 670mm



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