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“I recently had a session with Jane and was amazed at the results. I have had a lot of different treatments and tried a lot of different modalities but I came away from this session/treatment feeling a lot clearer. Often what is lacking in treatments and counselling today is a safe therapeutic alliance.

Jane with her beautiful nature, her wisdom and expertise, and bang on intuition held the space for some deep healing and transformation. Jane and Childosophy integrates a holistic approach that benefits not only yourself but the whole family. I can’t recommend Jane and Childopsophy highly enough. Thank you.”

 – Lucinda, Hunter Valley

“Jane has enormous integrity in holding space for children and parents who are experiencing challenges, trauma, stress, chaos etc. Jane is a miracle worker who has walked the talk in her own life. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough for someone who is not only seeking relief from current pain but also colossal transformation for all in the family.”

– Gisele, Northern Beaches, Sydney

“My first Childosophy session with Jane was to explore an issue of mine around not moving forward. This seemed simple enough however, what evolved during my time with Jane was an unveiling of repressed memories which answered so many of my questions around my sabotaging behaviour, lack of self-esteem and fear of being seen. The healing continues through and will be part of me forever. I can’t thank Jane enough for showing me the path to my own freedom from the pain I was holding.”

–  Fyona, Hunter Valley

“Jane is an amazing child wellbeing practitioner. Her loving, caring, compassionate nature makes her a natural. I have experienced Jane’s awesome ability to tap into body wisdom to identify and treat unmet needs. I highly recommend Jane as practitioner for both children and adults.”

– Robyn, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney